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Amber Leach - Founding Secretary

I come to Katie’s Handprint with a passion for and commitment to doing all I can to make the world a better place one intentional choice at a time. Sounds a little like a stereotypical line from a beauty pageant about world peace, right? But from a very young age my sensitive nature towards philanthropic endeavors were made obvious in food baskets at holiday time, toy donations and the lack of understanding as to why I couldn’t bring home every stray person or animal I encountered.

Having not been able to have children of my own, I’ve always been the cool “aunt” or “2nd mom” to my friends’ kids. I knew Katie’s mom from a shop I worked at and had met Katie a few times there. Then, as small of a world as it is, my partner’s kids had grown up with Katie since 2nd grade making my heart all-the-more invested. Katie was part of their family as one of the girls and Katie became best friends. School changes and friend changes didn’t change the bond between them and my love for my partner’s children included Katie immediately. I love “all in” and my heart was all in with Katie and her mom as they fought their fight.

In so many parts of our daily lives, we feel helpless and powerless to do anything or make any real difference. I can't cure cancer. I can't take away the pain. With Katie's Handprint, we get to focus on what we CAN do. We CAN let families know we see them, hear them and they're not alone. We CAN provide events that include their whole family to celebrate life.  We CAN grant a small monetary gift to try to relieve some pressure in one area of their lives. We CAN love on our neighbors regardless of the battle they're waging with hope that we're making the world a little better place one intentional choice, child, and family at a time. That's how I see (at least) part of our path towards world peace. 

When not trying to save the world, I work two to three jobs, create, perform and absorb as much art, music, antiquing, and home remodel/decorating projects as possible! This is the first board I've been on though I've served on another major fundraising committee for 7 years and if it weren't for my mortgage, I'd be a fundraising guru full time and do art AND stand up comedy on the side!

I strive daily to make progress in my personal "world peace" sharing time, space and cooking with my partners family.

I love. I love...all in. I don't know how not to.

With Katie's Handprint, I'm all in.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to volunteer.